Adventure: Begin!

Hello! My name is Aimee and this is my first blog. I’ve been in the Propel program for maybe three weeks now but I’ve got literally no sense of time so I could be here for a month and no know. Propel has been way more interesting than I initially thought it would be- not because I expected it to be boring or anything because project-based learning sounded neat, but more so because I’m cynical about everything. I have the attitude of a crabby old lady, to be honest. The first day was mildly intimidating- everyone seemed ten times more capable of things than me, like they already knew why they were there and what they were doing. I’ve found out though, everyone is actually really chill and not as terrifying as I initially thought. Our first outing to a place called Codebreakers totally proved that too- everybody was really good about working together and I think a lot of the people here were just as nervous as I was. Codebreakers taught us to work together outside of our comfort zone which?? Turned out to be super useful later on.

We also completely redesigned the room(s). The room went from vomit purple to a calming blue and the other room went with a maroon red. The thing that was important though was that everything was done in separate units, but each unit made up a whole group effort. Finishing the entire thing was a satisfying feeling, honestly.

In general I actually really enjoy the program. I actually really want to come to school every day versus forcing myself to get out of bed just to sit at a desk for like. Eight hours. I’m still weirdly nervous about everyone/thing but I’ve kind of settled into a group of my own and I’m getting more comfortable around everyone in general as time goes on.


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